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How will I pay for therapy?

Private pay (cash, check, or credit card) is accepted.  Many insurance plans cover Occupational Therapy services.  I am in network with BCBS; for other plans, I am currently considered an out of network provider and fees are due at time of service delivery regardless of insurance provider.  However, an itemized invoice can be provided so that you may directly submit your bill to your insurance company for reimbursement.  If you do not plan on using insurance, you are entitled to a Good Faith Estimate re: cost of services.  If you plan to use insurance, please see this form for questions to ask your insurance company regarding your therapy benefits:

Questions to ask your insurance provider

For out of network clients, Reimbursify ( ) may be a helpful resource.  This app can file out of network claims for you, but submission of claims is not a guarantee of payment.


I think it’s important to say that not all therapy services are equal.  We all have different skills, experiences, and levels of expertise, and it is important to find the provider who can best meet your needs.  Don’t let insurance dictate your provider; you will find the fastest answer to your issue by going to a provider with the appropriate skill set.

Payment: About
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