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Want to Breastfeed?  Get Prepared.

Breastfeeding often takes new moms (and seasoned moms) by surprise.  Challenges in the early days are common.  80% of mothers who weaned in the first 6 weeks did not want to stop, but did not meet their intended goals for a variety of reasons.  

Prepare for breastfeeding before your baby arrives, to increase your chances of success.

This course is comprehensive and thorough.  It goes beyond the WHY you should consider breastfeeding and into the practical information on HOW to breastfeed.  So many women tell me things they wish they knew about breastfeeding looking back on their experiences...this course is all of that wisdom, compiled in one place.

Topics covered include:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding

  • What to expect in the first days after birth and the first few weeks

  • Pumping (include how to size yourself for flanges)

  • Bottle introduction and recommendations

  • Troubleshooting common issues and when to seek skilled help

With an online format, you're free to take the course any time, 24/7, before OR after your baby arrives.

Click here to sign up or read more about course content.

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