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Comprehensive evaluations and treatment for infants and toddlers experiencing difficulty with:

  • Breastfeeding

  • Bottle Feeding

  • Transitioning to solid foods

  • Drinking from a cup or straw

  • Transitioning from tube feeding to oral feeding

Some signs your baby or toddler may benefit from a feeding or oral motor assessment:

  • Difficulties with weight gain

  • Feedings take too long or seem tiring

  • Feedings feel like a “battle” or are stressful for the family

  • Suspected oral motor problems (i.e. “weak” suck, open mouthed posture, excessive drooling)

  • Coughing/choking regularly when feeding

  • Very limited repertoire of foods

  • Gagging or spitting foods out

  • Pain with latch or breastfeeding despite working on latch technique

  • Liquid loss from the corners of the mouth when sucking

  • Have a suspected tongue or lip tie which may be contributing to feeding issues (click here for more)

Feeding Therapy: Services
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