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Support and guidance for breastfeeding families is provided in conjunction with treatment for infant feeding difficulties.  In order to meet feeding goals, it is important to address factors impacting both mom and baby.  At Flourish, you get BOTH lactation support and feeding therapy under one roof, vs. needing to seek separate assessments to address lactation issues for mom and therapy needs for your baby.

Guidance is provided for lactation concerns such as:

  • Low milk supply

  • Management of poor weight gain

  • How to decrease supplementation to enable more direct breastfeeding

  • Painful latch/feedings

  • Weaning from a shield

  • Returning to direct breastfeeding after a period of time bottle feeding

  • How to combine breastfeeding with employment

  • Relactation or induced lactation

  • Weaning

…and more

Flourish also offers prenatal visits and virtual consults for lactation specific questions. 

Lactation Support: Services
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