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You are out of network with my insurance....why should I schedule an evaluation with you?

You want the provider with the best skill set to meet your needs.  I can provide both lactation support AND therapy intervention under one roof, which may minimize your need to schedule visits with multiple providers.  Not all providers are created equal; OT is a broad profession covering the life span. Not all therapists are comfortable with feeding (particularly infant feeding), and most are not comfortable with lactation.    If I am not the best therapist for you, I can offer guidance on others who have the skill set you need.

How do I schedule an evaluation?

  • Call or text (337) 282-8703 if you are interested in an evaluation, and I can give you instructions on how we can communicate on a secure platform.

  • I must have a prescription for feeding therapy evaluation and treatment or OT evaluation/treatment, which I can accept from a dentist or physician.  

  • Referrals may be faxed to (337) 918-3249.

  • Once you are scheduled, I will send intake paperwork and consents via email.  This paperwork must be completed prior to finalizing the scheduled appointment, and completing it thoroughly will help to save time in the evaluation.

I am an existing client.  How do I log on to the patient portal? 

Click here for access to the patient portal.

Where do you provide services?

Flourish's office is located at 304 La Rue France Ste 100 in Lafayette, or I offer virtual services on a secure platform. 


Telehealth consults and visits are now being offered due to restrictions in place related to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Telehealth presents some limitations and does not replace a direct exam.  It does not enable me to weigh a baby or do a weighted feed, nor can I do a thorough oral motor exam.  However, it is a good platform for observing a feeding and offering feedback and education in the absence of an office visit.  Telehealth may be covered by your insurance company, but this will vary from plan to plan.  You are encouraged to call your insurance company to ask about your benefits for occupational therapy on a telehealth platform.

Interested in telehealth?  To participate, families need:

  • Internet access with video/microphone

  • To download an app (Spruce) for secure video conferencing (will be sent to all patients participating in telehealth)

  • Preferably have a helper available who can hold the phone/computer to aim the camera at parent/baby feeding.  For a feeding evaluation, I need a clear visual of both mom and baby to observe latch

  • Good lighting


How long are appointment times? 

Evaluations are generally 1.25-2 hours long; follow-ups / treatment sessions are 45-55 minutes on average. 

How many times will we need to see you?

Frequency of therapy recommended varies depending on the complexity of your child's situation. I see children weekly, multiple times a week, or consultatively.  Consultative services are often used if chances of strong progress are possible with provision of a home program alone.  Weekly therapy sessions may be a better option for babies with difficulties in more than one area.

How fast can I expect to see progress?

Every child is on his or her own timetable...some make fast progress, others need a longer time. Investing in your home program is important.  My job is to teach you how you can carry over treatment strategies to implement as often as possible in your daily routine. 

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